Jul 24, 2011

Hire the GROUP and NOT a company!

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Silvino Hire SEO Services started to just one person. A person who loves and want to offer her best to people who need her talents and skills, especially in SEO services.

It is her dream to help her friends, her fellow talented SEOs in finding people who are in need of their services. Then she then gathered some friends who she knows have the skills and talents to offer clients and they came up with Silvino Hire SEO Services.

Silvino Hire SEO Services is NOT a company. We’re a group of people who are gathered by one person according to our talents and skills. We are partnered to client according to the client’s needs and the service they want.

So why hire the group instead of a company?

There are lots of other reasons but we want to give you the main reason and that is the Win-Win Situation.

Win for the client. I think none of us don’t like to save! We all love to save and get the same quality of service. We buy the cheaper shoe that is same as or has more quality over the expensive shoes. We buy things or get services which would give us same output and kind of service and save money!

We here in Silvino Hire SEO Services DO NOT charge as much as an internet marketing company. We don’t charge you for computers, internet connection, electric bill, etc. We don’t too much charge you because we’re a well-known company and I’m a well-known person.  

We charge you according to no other reasons than because of the skills that we offer and that is the service that we offer to you and that you get from us.
We aim that our service prices is really reasonable and totally affordable to each of the clients and of course that our clients get the service that they paid for. We want that our service is budget friendly and our client gets the best quality of service.

Win for Us. There are a lot of internet marketing companies out there who hire SEOs from here to there. Now how much do they charge you? More or less it’s around a thousand US dollars and it doesn’t said anything that if half of it goes to your VA or your SEO.

I would understand why some companies pay your SEO just around 30% of how much you actually paid for the service. They pay for the computers, electric bill, maintenance of the building, etc.

Here in Silvino Hire SEO Services it’s actually the other way around. We ONLY get up to 30% of what you pay for and give the rest to your SEO. We make sure that your SEO get paid what he works for. So he would be more motivated and will love more working for you, and you will be able to get the best SEO services that you want and need.

It’s totally a win-win situation in terms of money and service!

You get your needs at the most affordable price and we get the best service rate while giving out our best service!

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Gay Aida Dumaguing

Gay Aida Dumaguing a.k.a. Gigi is a 26 years old Filipina SEO specialist, CEO and founder of Silvino Hire SEO Services from Cebu, Philippines who is also a nominated blogger, programmer and social media marketer.

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