Aug 29, 2011

6 Benefits of Outsourcing to a Filipino SEO

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You can expand your business target market area through having your business exposure online and you can start doing this by having a business website and to hire SEO services.

Building buildings in different locations is not necessary anymore for you to be able to expand and render your service to people. Nowadays, you can boost your sales and introduce your business with the advent of the Internet. It’s not necessary anymore for any businesses to have a physical presence in a location for them to be able to reach out to their customers.

The Internet has over billions of users online every day. That’s a great and a large market area that you could be able to target. If you outsource SEO, you could be able to go deeper, identify and target those potential customers for your business, which is still in a very large number.

There are lots of businesses or even people nowadays who invest in SEO to be promoted online, gain website traffic and get potential customers. They’ve been investing on SEO since it become indispensable to businesses. There are several ways to market your business and even online but there have been proofs that SEO is more cost-effective than other marketing strategies.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to a Filipino SEO?

There are lots of benefits when you outsource SEO service to the Philippines and you’ll find more about if you will do so. But here are the 5 benefits of outsourcing to SEO in the Philippines:

The Ability to Communicate. The Filipino SEO may belong to the third world country but we have the superior ability to communicate in verbal and written English. We’ve been taught the English language ever since we went to school. The right pronunciation, grammar and spelling of the English language are strictly taught to us. Some schools even make English as the whole campus language for us to be able to practice our English speaking skills.

Hardworking kind of People. This doesn’t mean that people from other countries are lazy but what I am trying to say is that we always want to work. The people that you outsource SEO with may be the head of the family or the one who’s feeding their family. They do their best in each of their jobs and aim for a great result for their clients to be totally satisfied and would not let them go. So when you’ll be working with a Filipino SEO, they always make sure that you get the results that you want so that you will be pleased by their work and will continue with the service.

Preferred Outsourcing Destination. A research was conducted by Neilsen NetRatings a renowned research firm that ranked Philippines second as the most ideal outsourcing destination in the whole world. India ranked as number one 11.79% higher on market share of the outsourcing industry.
Reliable Experts. In relation to the research conducted by Neilsen NetRatings, they’ve also collected some data that shows that SEO Philippines got the highest rating in terms of quality of SEO services delivered to their clients.

Affordable Rate. Some of the companies or freelancers who offer internet marketing service have a very expensive service rate procuring 50 links a day that they so call high value. But honestly, doing that number of links a day may get you penalized by Google or other search engines. So don’t be misled by expensive SEO service, for SEO is not over quantity over quality but its quality over quantity. So with us the Filipino SEO, we offer you a great quality and affordable search engine optimization service.

Government Support. The Philippine has a law that legalizes the operations of foreign businesses is yet another thing that pushes the foreign companies to outsource in the Philippines. Foreign businesses are permitted safety nets and special treatment to further encourage them to actively partake in the Philippine economy.

All in all, the Philippines has proved to be not just a great tourist destination but also one of the best destinations to outsource SEO with. The important ingredient already there and we the Filipino SEO are offering it to you, so what are you looking for?
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