Aug 30, 2011

Web Tips: SEO with Blogger (Blogspot)

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I don’t know if you noticed this but just in case you haven’t Silvino Hire SEO Services is not in Wordpress or Typepad or blogging platforms. This website is powered by Blogger (or some people may have known it as Blogspot).

Now we’ve got lots of inquiries and questions about “is it possible to optimize a Blogspot blog?”

My answer to your question is YES!

Silvino Hire SEO Services has been around for months now and I’ve been spending some of my time in optimizing this website so that the team and I could have more clients, expand our services while taking good care of our current clients.

What’s great about Blogger is that it’s FREE!

You don’t have to spend a dime for hosting your website and you can have it forever as long as you update it with great content.

There has been no single website YET that I have owned that is not in Blogger. My blog, Exotic Philippines is also powered by Blogger that I also optimize sometimes and as you know I am a Filipino SEO so I really could do both being a blogger and SEO. It’s now on its #1 spot in its main keyword “Exotic Philippines” right after a month or so launching it.

The next question you would have maybe will be “is it okay for me to use the free domain from Blogger or should I buy my own?”

If you’ve noticed both my websites (Silvino Hire SEO Services and Exotic Philippines) has its own domain and not using the free subdomain from Blogger.

What I mean is that it’s URL or domain is not but it is Actually, if you will visit either of the link both will direct you to the same blog.
So to answer your question is that, it’s not really necessary for you to buy your own domain but if you want and that you can afford then go for it! I usually bought .info websites because it’s a lot way cheaper than .com

If you want to keep it cheap and love blogging then why not try out Blogger then? It’s just that Blogger have limitations and it’s free, so don’t expect the total best out of using it. But using Blogger to start practicing and knowing the basics in blogging, then you could geo for Blogger.

You can definitely optimize a blogger website or blog. But choosing and deciding if you want to get the free blog hosting will totally depend on your wants and needs. Either of them, you can definitely optimize yourself or hire SEO expert to do it for you.
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