Nov 22, 2012

Rich Snippets - Increase Search Click-Thru Rates

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Google have implemented few months ago the new feature in their search results where we'll be able to see who is the author of the article or owner of the blog through the displayed image on the search result just like the screenshot I just have for you (see the image on the left).

As you can see, this website Silvino Hire SEO Services ranked #1 in the US when we enter the keyword "hire SEO services" (note: we may not appear #1 to some states and countries). Also, you may possibly notice a photo of me along with my name with the link to this website.

Rich Snippets said to be helping in increasing your search engine results page (SERP) by 20-30% using microdata, microformats, RDFa or new standard I personally implemented this on this website and of course to the rest of other sites that I owned to help the researcher identify and encourage to click on the link of the site that I own through proving them that I do exist and it's not just any article.

I decided to implement this since whenever I use Google myself to search for something I need an information of, I usually click on the sites that has the rich snippets where mostly have the photo of the author.

Also, you can see I got a screenshot there of my Sick Submitter review from my tech blog where I rated it with 3 stars, and in the search results of Google it also shows my ratings for the software which already tells the searcher that I do have some ratings and may encourage the Googler to click and find out why I just have 3 stars for the Sick Submitter.

In my own experience it did helped me in having more clicks from search engines and do get more comments from readers and some even left their big thanks in a very honest and good insight for the software. I think that's why there were a number of software owners already who contacted me to review their software. Hopefully there will be a company who'll ask me for a review of a gadget (LOL. So that I could have a new cool gadget, test it myself and possibly if the company is kind enough they'll let me keep it!).

To some people, it may be hard for them to understand how to implement the rich snippets to their site but as for me it only took an hour or so for me to learn, understand and implement it on my sites. Well, that is mainly because I do have programming knowledge - since I am an Information Technology graduate, it's expected - and this is why I have mentioned on my post on "What it Takes to be a SEO Specialist?" that as a SEO expert, you need to have AT LEAST the basic understanding in HTML so that new ways in improving your click-thru and your traffic will be easy for you to do and understand.

Just to prove to everyone that I'm not alone in saying that Rich Snippets do help in our click-thru rates, here's an infographic from BOALT where they show how the rich snippets help you gain more traffic to your website.

Rich Snippets - Increase Search Click-Thru Rates

by boalt. Learn more about SEO from your SEO specialist who offer a quality and affordable SEO service.

With the details and demonstrations above from BOALT, will you now implement the Rich snippets to your website and find it out yourself if it really works and will help you gain more traffic?

For websites and blogs who wish to post the infographic above to their website, feel free to grab the code and share it with your readers! Hover your mouse to the infographic above and click on the EMBED button on the upper left corner and grab the code! Enjoy!

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