Dec 18, 2012

SEO Company in the Philippines - Silvino Hire SEO Services

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SEO Company Philippines
A lot of our clients have asked if we ever have plans in making the name Silvino Hire SEO Services as a company. Well, of course I do! I've always dreamed of having my own company or at least working for a huge company.

Great news to our current clients and FUTURE clients as well, we are now officially a company!

Yesterday, December 18, 2012 I went to the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) office here in Cebu Philippines to pay my registration for the company name. It was pretty quick, like about less than 5 minutes and the papers are now in my hand!

I actually registered online on Monday, but since they've disabled the online payment I have to go to their office to personally pay the registration fees. So yes, I have to travel almost 2 hours (due to traffic - it supposed to be just about an hour if there's no traffic) to get a quick registration for the business name.

The thing is, I have to process also other papers like the Baranggay Permit, Mayors Permit, SSS, PhilHealth and other government agencies but having our name already registered at DTI have already allowed us to function as a company. I actually asked their staff in the office if I'm already allowed to announce it and she said...

"Yes ma'am, you're actually now a company"

So today, I have to share and announce it to everyone so that everyone will know about this just in case you were thinking twice to hire us because we're not registered yet.

Will there be an office now?

Well, sadly having an office is totally out of the budget and all of our VIRTUAL EMPLOYEES preferred working at home.

Our aim is to be able to find skilled employees online that could help us in building our reputation online. Employees who can work with us online. So distance, location, age, single or married, children, doesn't matter at all for us as long as an employee have the qualities that we're looking for.

So sticking with home base employees will still be it but no worries, we're actually planning to at least have a HOUSE here in Cebu Philippines where we could treat as our office, where we could work, relax, have a meeting. We're actually thinking of a house with several rooms (one room per employee - for personal space) where each room is actually a bedroom, with bed, table, so that when they're sick, want to relax, want to sleep, or stay at the house, they can do so. 

Also, we dream to have a pool in the house so that we could have at least a swimming exercise after sitting all day and facing the computer thinking on how we could rank our clients website, etc. So it's a great way to work, live and having a healthy life. If we'll be able to have more clients, then why not a gym right? (It's free to dream - and hopefully, in this case dreams will come true).

If you notice I said HOUSE and not a building, my dream is to have a company like Google. A huge company, got thousands of skilled employees from around the world and we're all having fun.

To tell you honestly, SEO work is not easy and making our employees having fun and enjoying their stay with us is one of our KEY in motivating them for work. And I, personally loves to mix fun and work because I don't want to drown myself and the whole team with problems - we're too young to die at this age.

So to answer the question, yes there WILL BE an office but it will not look like an office but a resident where us, your SEO specialists could bury ourselves in making YOU successful. Then again, this does not exist as of now but if we'll be able to gain enough funds for this through our earnings in our services then we could totally start building our dreams in this upcoming year, 2013.

Who we are?

To people who just read about us and heard of us just now, let me give you a quick introduction about me and my team - or maybe I should start saying MY COMPANY (ohhhh....).

I'm a SEO specialist from Cebu Philippines for 2 years now, I've been working online since 2010 and now I finally have my very own SEO Company here in the Philippines. We started as a team of SEO experts, we're actually classmates and friends in college that have the same career, so we decided to merge as a group since we have all our own specialties in this industry.

Now, as a SEO Company Philippines that is composed of professional and experienced SEO specialists, Social Media Marketers, Web Designers, Web Developers, graphic artists and writers. We all work from home and we are not all only from Cebu but we're all over the Philippines. It is our mission to provide quality SEO service to our clients and our goal to provide jobs for skilled Filipinos around the country without thinking of the distance or even going to an office.

What will be our services?

SEO service is one main thing, we'll also have the social media marketing, social media management (where we have virtual assistants updating your social media accounts, interacting with your fans and followers, etc.),  link building and we're actually planning to include reputation management and animated videos but we're still discussing all about it as of now.

Have you noticed some changes?

As you might already noticed, we've changed the design of our website, added easy navigation on our topics, services and about us, we've also added more information about us, myself (Gay Aida) and some other pages have been updated also.


You might find the page SERVICES empty as of now since we're fixing the code for it. I'm doing all these by myself because I want to be hands on this. Also, you might notice that I've created a page for each of our additional services but still, it's empty as of now. Hopefully it will be done this week.


We'll be having more options for you to choose from. Since some clients don't want a certain service and wish just to have SEO on their site, so I'm currently repacking the packages we have and adding more choices for you.


We'll also be offering SEO SERVICE RESELLER, where you can have your own SEO business that is registered in your country and we'll take care of your services. It's just like you're in your city, but your office is in the Philippines. You really don't have to announce and specify that you have a team of SEO from the Philippines that are working for you, since we do understand some clients don't like long distance relationships and may think twice because of the distance.

This is why we will offer the SEO RESELLER so that distance will not matter anymore and you will have your own promising business as well. I'll post an announcement on this when it's officially launched since we're trying to discuss what will be in it for everyone.

If you're planning have a business next year, or looking for a new SEO service provider then why not think about hiring us?

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