Feb 27, 2013

The Pitfalls of Freelancing

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I actually started as a Freelance SEO specialist, I used to work for at least 2 clients and yes, that was good enough for me. From time to time, through this blog I also get outsourcing work also but it's an on/off thing.

Because of this blog or let me also just say business blog, there are a number of people and students ask me if working online is really possible, if there are actually virtual employers who are looking for skilled workers online, and employers who really do pay. Well, of course I told them the truth - which is yes, yes, and yes!

So anyway, just few months ago I decide to register my own company which now known as Silvino Hire SEO Services and that's the purpose of this website. Freelancing pitfalls is actually one of the reasons why I decided to have my own business.

Check out this cute infographic by Bobby Bernethy where it shows the benefits, the pitfalls, who and what are the in demand jobs online:


Usually, with freelancing I don't do contracts because most of the employers demands that I only work for them. Maybe because they just want me to focus on their website and don't want to share the benefits of hiring me, but the thing is the amount they're paying me is not enough for my monthly expenses. What I don't like most is that, they demand more work, thinks they could demand but don't want to pay enough.

Last year, I posted about the ideal salary for virtual workers and shared some crazy salary offers for a demanding job with a large scope of task.

Health Care

Honestly, I didn't care enough for this before but since my Dad died and my Mom was hospitalized days after I was able to appreciate the health care plans. As you may know, most of the employers online pays only a salary and I believe that's why a lot of businesses outsource because they'll not be paying for taxes, health care, etc.

This is actually just fine if you're employer outside from the country wants to include this and we could actually pay it ourselves - like PhilHealth.


I don't have a credit card, so credit card doesn't count. Borrowed money, well from time to time I do borrow money from my siblings (much safer for me because I'm the youngest).

I do rent a house, I pay bills for the internet, electricity and water - so do consider these expenses.


Honestly, I experienced this once. It was supposed to be the last pay but I guess he hated me for letting me know I wish to resign, he don't want to pay me for a month of work - and that hurts!

But then again, as the last part have mentioned there are a lot of perks of being a freelancer but now as the owner of this company, I prefer being more stable.

I hope this post was able to help you guys and I was able to give you a peak of the online workspace.

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