Feb 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day Office Activities

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Working may well not feel like all fun and games, but at times you have to be foolish and then make work fun. Valentine's Day is a time for you to do just that. There are lots of activities you can involve in the working world. But if the office is specifically close-knit, that opens the door to a whole lot more activities.

Choco Jar

Valentine's Day is about the chocolate. Get yourself a huge glass jar with a lid to make clear this chocolate is just not for eating. Have everybody guess the numbers of items are in the jar. You'll be able to fill it up with simply about just about anything, and yet Hershey's Kisses apparently make the most sense.

You're able to fill with a mixture of Kisses (hugs, regular, etc.) or with only the classic chocolate kiss. No matter what, have people guess the number of kisses are in the jar. Their guess needs to be written on a slip of paper and set right into a box next to the jar. The winner will have the jar of kisses on Valentine's Day. In case your office is much more spacious, a nice dinner gift certificate may go with the jar.

V-day Bingo

Make Bingo cards with assorted Valentine's Day pictures in it. There may a heart, a cupid, a couple kissing, and so forth. Many are clip art pieces that will simply be printed on the computer. Every day, somebody will call out a square. It could be "HEART!" or "KISSING!" and everybody marks their bingo card. Start out the game maybe 3 weeks or so prior to Valentine's Day so a person has a chance to win prior to Valentine's Day.

This is certainly something which is going to take literally 30 seconds per day and definitely will be fun and is likely to make some silly tension. The prize? Perhaps a free lunch from the company lunch room, or a kiss from the boss, or anything else funny.

You Cook My Heart

In case you have a couple of cooks in the office, it is possible to suggest a "heart a day". Everyday, a person need to get something in the shape of a heart, a food item, that is. One day it may be cookies, and another pancakes.

A really original thinker could possibly learn how to get a heart-shaped lasagna or something else. Maybe kids finger sandwiches cut into heart shapes. For making this more engaging and tricky, you can actually demand that the foods actually be best for your heart (as a result, cookies could possibly be out, and yet heart-shaped chocolates?).

Memory of My Love

Most of the time, office mates become a little more like family. Why don't you consider utilize the holiday of love to talk about your memories of your loves? Get every person write a fast story of precisely how they met their wife or husband and put it in the jar. They should not include names and should not identify their spouse either.

A few of the stories can make you might think it in fact happened to some other person. A lot of the stories are shocking and maybe even funny.

Love Quiz E-mail

Given that email is generally the communication usually chosen in offices, get some fun with a Valentine's Day email quiz. You may ask historical questions regarding the trip or questions with regards to co-workers. 

Questions that you can ask can be any of the following:
1. Who married their spouse in Yosemite National Park?
2. What does the word Valentine mean?
3. Which of the following animals mate for life? (You'll want to provide multiple choice answers for this one, of course.)

But as you may know, we here at Silvino Hire SEO Services are working online, we don't have this activities but we do get a lot of fun from time to time. Activities like this could totally help in getting to know more your office mates, your employees, give motivations, happiness at work, and more love for everyone!

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