May 27, 2013

YouTube SEO - Ranking Videos Higher

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YouTube SEO
SEO, or search engine optimization, has long been the practice of getting a website to rank on a series of words or phrases. But, it has usually only been reserved for websites. However, there is a new practice of YouTube SEO which, as its name would imply, is the practice of getting YouTube videos ranked on certain phrases. It can be a very powerful technique because the use of video to present a message or convey an idea can sometimes be as powerful as a website. And, in some cases, it can be even more meaningful or powerful than a website.

One of the biggest things going for YouTube SEO is the fact that YouTube is owned by Google. It goes without saying that Google has a vested interest in ranking content from its own network higher. So, just placing videos on a website entity owned by Google will give you a leg up on competitive content posted elsewhere.

One of the best ways to perform YouTube SEO is through the use of close captioning. Close captioning has usually been associated as a way to communicate to people who cannot hear. It gives the video creator the opportunity to add readable text to the videos to correspond to the spoken audio in the video. It is useful for people who cannot hear, but it is also useful for SEO purposes. Search engines can index and store this text and make it searchable. So, optimizing the audio in your video and adding close captioning to it can make your video more easily found in the search results.

Another area that Google indexes in its database is the description of the video below. Creating a good description of the video with proper keyword placement will also help the video rank better in the search results. You do not want to over optimize and stuff the description with keywords. But, using some of the same lessons of website SEO in the description will pay big dividends here as well.

Another good practice is adding the script of the video in the description. This serves two purposes. One, it is indexes as previously mentioned which helps with rankings. Second, it is good for people who do not like to sit through entire videos getting the point of the video. Many people do still like to read to get the content they want because they can get the information they want faster than sitting through the video.

Another simple tactic is to name the video with keywords you are trying to rank for in the search engines. The name of the video is also indexed and can help with getting higher results in the search results through SEO services.

Getting videos ranked highly in the search engines through having YouTube SEO can be another powerful weapon in the arsenal of an Internet marketer. The power of video SEO to promote a message should not be overlooked. Many people prefer to watch videos to learn about something as opposed to reading text on a website. So, the ability to get these videos ranked highly can be a very powerful tool to use.
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