Jul 29, 2013

Location, Location, Location – Our New Address

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As you might have already know, we here in Silvino Hire SEO Services are working virtually and that means we don’t really have an office where WE ALL work. We work from our very comfortable home and stay connected online to work together. So pretty much, the address that we’ve placed here on the website and on the Google map is my home address (since I’m the owner of this SEO company).

January 2013 I’ve been notified by the house owner that we need to move out because the school that they own (which is right back at our house) is expanding. So, they have to use the lot where the house is located and the rest of the compound (there’s a total of 4 houses in the area) and we all need to move out.

By March 2013 we’ve moved out and transferred to a new location and that means new address for us. Luckily, our new home is a subdivision, so it will be a lot easier for you to find me. I have a block and lot number (hurray!) and the subdivision have been around for years so most of the people are already aware of the existence of this place – unlike before where people get lost finding my house.

I've updated our Google places and below you’ll find our new address:

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We’re quite far away from the gate of the subdivision, and the road here is one way because most of the people here make use of the other side of the road to park their car. It’s a town house, and there are a lot of houses here.

I was supposed to announce this few months ago, but I want to make sure that we’re stable here for at least a year. There might be also a chance that we’ll be transferring on another house (hopefully, my own house already – not renting anymore) but that’s just a possibility but I’m hoping to buy my own home soon. I’ve already got a prospective home to buy and it’s still around here in Mactan Island.

We’ve also updated our contact page with our new address, and officially announcing our new address is I guess pretty important for me because there’s no house there anymore  (in my previous place).

So please do be aware of our (or let me just say MY) new address and that now you can easily find me. For any of you who are interested with our services, we can schedule a meeting in the mall or in your office (if you're based in Cebu Philippines) through contacting us via my mobile number or e-mail.

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