Jul 1, 2013

Virtual vs. In Person - Job Interview

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Job Interview
As you may know, I’ve been working online for about 4 years now and have also tried an office job for about 6 months. Have applied for office jobs and online jobs many times, so obviously I’ve been interviewed many times by HR and executives – and not all end well.

So today, we’ll have a comparison between virtual interviews and the traditional (in person) interview. Why? We’ll lately, I’ve tried (again) the traditional interview and I noticed the total difference and I just wish they change the process so both of our times are not being wasted.

Recently I've been to SEO expert job interviews (and yes it's an office job - I've been invited to apply), so I think I have a fresh experience for our topic today.


I do know that companies have different job application process. Correct me if I’m wrong, (since I’m basing all these in my experience) it depends on what type of job that you’ll be applying for. But I noticed the similarities and I would say the basic process of an in person job interview and that is:
  • Submit Resume
  • HR Company Call the Applicant for Scheduled Interview
  • Initial/Screening Interview (most likely with HR)
  • Employment Test
  • Final Interview 
I’ve been there, and I know it feels like it will take you forever to finish the whole process but you have to stand to be able to bring home the bacon. I also feel like I’m having a heart attack every time my name is being called.

As for the virtual job interview, it’s (usually) pretty short and here’s how it goes:
  • Submit Resume
  • Company Call/Email the Applicant for Scheduled Interview
  • Initial/Screening Interview
  • Final Interview 
Comparing the process, obviously the virtual job interview wins. I also like the process of the virtual job interview, though the exam can be reasonable but for people like me who can deliver more through output rather than big exam scores. There are some times that I find it hard to express what’s on my mind, but if you’ll just try me then you’ll see that it’s all worth it – and I know I’m not alone on this.


Usually, with the virtual job interview the interviewer is the direct employer. Not the HR. Which is a great idea (for me), why? I’m an IT graduate and obviously my job is most likely a programmer, so having an HR interviews me, I know it will be hard for them to understand and rate my knowledge and skills.

I’ve actually been one of the interviews years ago, that after hours of waiting for my turn to be interviewed the HR finally interviewed me but then when she interviewed me she can’t find any other questions since she’s not aware of these programming languages. What she did then is she has to pass me to the department head that I have to wait again for hours.

Again, for me the virtual job interview wins. Even if they add another person to interview me, there’s no problem since I know that when they have to set a virtual interview they’ll be interviewing me on time. Even if they’re few minutes late, at least I could do something else while waiting – like writing an article, eating, preparing myself. Unlike with the traditional job interview, all you could do is wait there and see fellow applicants get either rejected and move to the next step.


When I started to look for an office job, I have gathered all the possible interview questions, like the questions “tell me about yourself” and so on.

With the virtual job interview, there are some who also ask these questions but mostly the interviewer will ask about your skills, your experience, and might also test you through their questions to know if you have what it takes to be hired and be a part of the business.

I think both wins this, I know the reason why in an in person interview they must ask these questions and that’s why I have pre written and memorized what I have to say to impress them (and it works). Some people might just think that all these questions are not related to being hired, but there’s the logic and test on how you think, behave, and rate yourself.


I’ve been to in person interviews that took me the whole day to finish and still didn’t get the job – and I hate it because I believe in the saying “time is gold”.

With the virtual job interview, I would say it will just take me an hour or so to finish everything. It usually takes about less than 30 minutes to have my interview, then most likely a day after I get the result (especially if I’m hired).

Obviously, the virtual job interview wins again. I don’t have to take a bath (guilty), dress up, wear a make-up, but just to prepare my mind and my computer (or smartphone) for the interview.

So, totally the virtual job interview wins my heart and that’s why I think twice when someone ask me for an in person interview – because I only not have time to invest but also my money for the transportation. And as a SEO specialist who works at home, every minute I spend is very important for me because I could have spent every minute in making money.

How about you? Have you already tried both of these kinds of job interview? Speak your mind!

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