Aug 12, 2013

How to Increase User Engagement of Your Website?

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SEO services have changed a lot over the past two years. With the rise of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media networks, many influential brands moved significant parts of their budgets to the online environment, particularly to engaging their users and turning them into loyal fans and evangelists for the brand.

As Google also followed this trend and added social media signals to their algorithm, SEO services had to comply as well. This is how they shifted their focus to strategies meant to increase user engagement on their clients' websites.

If you look on this infographic, you can see the general steps of such a strategy. If all steps are properly executed, you have most chances to succeed in keeping your users close to you and your services, which a SEO specialist can help you.

The Best 11 Tips for Increasing User Engagement on Your Website

The first step is the creation of exceptional quality content. You can use Google Trends to discover what are the hottest topics in your niche and focus your articles on them. This is important, because you want to be part of all big conversations that are related to your activity. But of course, when you hire SEO expert they'll surely can help or may include this already in their services or the package that you've selected.

Once you got your awesome content, you have to be very fast in showing it to your visitors. The loading speed of your website is extremely important for both viewers and search engines. If you site is slow, you should consider upgrading your hosting package.

All websites need to have analytic programs to track various parameters. Google Analytics is free and very good, so you can safely use it. After you gather some data, study it and kill all pages on your website that have a bounce rate higher than 85%. This means that more than 85% of the visitors of those pages leave without visiting another one. Such pages have a negative influence on your overall rankings, so it's best you get rid of them.

Invest in your social media presence. Facebook is the most important, because almost everybody uses it, but you should also consider LinkedIn and Google+, as they are also pretty big. LinkedIn especially, is best for B2B services, as it is more business-oriented than other such networks.

Pay attention to what search engines show in their results pages for your homepage. You should make your Google SERP snippet as compelling as possible. It should entice people to click through your page, so you have to write something that would make them act quickly.

Retain your visitors, or at least try to do it. By simply adding an email capture form, you'll be able to build a list of people who are genuinely interested in your services. Like business owners or generally website owners who are interested of our services, either their interested in our Kansas City SEO service, Miami SEO services, and other countries as well.

Your registration form needs to be mobile-friendly, because more and more users browse the internet from their smartphones. You don't want to lose them to a badly designed form, so make an effort and make it smartphone friendly.

Feedback is golden, like in any other business. A few places where you can get feedback from are, OpinionLab, UserVoice or Kampyle.

Last but not least, add images to you content and make sure they are optimized for search. Good SEO services providers offers you the SEO packages and that know how important image search can be, so they will never ignore it.
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