Aug 5, 2013

Why Every Business Should Consider Social Media?

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Social Media
Until a couple of years ago, many professional SEO specialists had a tendency to disregard social media. It was perfectly understandable, thinking that social media traffic didn't convert well at all. Why bother to bring visitors who don't buy, don't subscribe and don't interact with your website in any way?

However, things changed and today every serious SEO company will include social media as part of a sound SEO plan. If in 2008 the corporate social media budgets were totaling $716 million USD, estimations show that this figure will attain a whooping $3.1 billion dollars. It is worth mentioning here that for the first time in 23 years, Pepsi gave up advertising on Super Bowl and invested $20 million dollars in social media.

Even Google followed the general trend and integrated social media signals in its search ranking algorithm. As organic search rankings are on every SEO company's services, they also had to follow this trend and started to include social media strategy and tactics into the plans developed for their clients.

If you look at the infographic below, you can see a case study which proves one more how an SEO company can help customers get more traffic via social networks.

Business and Social Media

The social strategy developed for HCC Medical Insurance Services managed to increase the social influence by 227% in only three months. The referral traffic from LinedIn went up 42% and the referral traffic from Facebook went up 37% over the same period of time. The corporate Twitter page got a more than honorable Google PR 5, which proves that it got a lot of natural linking to it.

HCCMIS used press releases and blog posts as part of their plan. They took the most effective techniques employed in the traditional call center marketing and applied them to social conversations. They also used keyword alerts to promptly respond to any sales opportunities which would otherwise have been missed. They managed to build and maintain a vibrant online community, with the help of fun, yet educational conversations. One of the wisest ideas of this campaign was to monitor brand mentions, in order to be able to instantly address any potential customer issues.

Among the most effective social media best practices, you can see the use of effective language, posting at peak times and increasing reach by blogging. If you look on the charts, you can see how each of these practices may influence your results.

If you aren't yet convinced of the importance of social media in building your brand awareness, just look at the beginning of the infographic: 4 billion people own cell phones and half of all new purchases are for smart phones. It is impressive to see that 91% of consumers say that they take their buying decisions based on consumer content they see online. It is also interesting that 87% of them would rather trust advice from one of their friends than a critic's review.

It's clear that people like to communicate and share, therefore business should be there to meet their needs and make some profits in the process. Combining a professional SEO services and social media will surely boost your online marketing campaign and us here in Silvino Hire SEO Services who offers SEO Australia, SEO Canada, and of course all over the US.
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