About Silvino Hire SEO Services

Silvino Hire SEO Services is not (yet) a SEO company in the Philippines where we offer our professional SEO services to clients who are in need an ethical and affordable SEO service.

Silvino Hire SEO Services started to be just a website where our founder Ms. Gay Aida Dumaguing share some of her tips, advice, updates, or anything she could share with everyone in terms of SEO, career and business. Now as a registered SEO company from the Philippines, this site is not only a blog but where business owners, entrepreneurs, or website owners around the world could have and hire SEO service from qualified, experienced and professional SEO specialists.

Who is Silvino?

Silvino was taken from the name of the father of our founder, in the memory of Mr. Silvino B. Dumaguing. Sir Silvino died few weeks before Gay Aida was able to buy the domain and started building her reputation online as a SEO specialist, social media marketer and blogger. So in the name of her father, she named and added his first name.

Our Mission

To be able to provide the premium SEO service to small and large businesses, entrepreneurs, and website owners who are in need of our services in an affordable and reasonable price. At the same time, we'll also be able to help our fellow Filipinos in having a job where distance is not a hinder in working and being a part of an excellent team.

Our Vision

To make a name for our country, as not only the best summer destination but also the most ideal country to hire and outsource your business needs.

Our Values

  • Quality. In every thing we do, we do it well.
  • Passionate. We do it with our hearts.
  • Honesty. We're real and we speak what is true.
  • Teamwork. We think the best for the team to deliver and not for ourselves only.
  • Change. We embrace change for nothing else is constant in this world but change where it also happen in SEO.
  • Fun. We're a fun team of SEO experts. We're a bit crazy from time to time and we're fun to be with.

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